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RTI/appropriate inclusion and children with multiple challenges


I have an Intensive Learning Center for kids facing multiple challenges, K-5. Our school has gone to the RTI method, which seems to be meeting the needs of many of the students in our school, but our ILC kids seem to be at the bottom of the pyramid, rather than the top.

Our district also has just decided that we can do nothing for our children that does not include peer models. While I agree that these wonderful grade level peer models are priceless, I believe that these precious kids deserve to be able to do some things within their ability groups, where they are comfortable, relaxed and happy. This in no way negates the benefits of appropriate inclusion, but I'm saddened that the 'pendulum' is swinging so far to one side that many children will pay the price.

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I agree that our special needs kids need some time with a setting where they are feeling comfortable and can work at their level without having to prove to their peers that they can do anything anyone else can do especially in reading and math.

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