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Lesson plan Differentiation in a multi-grade 3-5 classroom

Monique Moss Special Ed (E/BD) teacher of grades 3-5 from Gainesville, Florida

For the first time in my SPED career of 19 years,I am teaching 3 grade levels (NOT the typical Combo of 2 grade levels) in a self-contained classroom w/8 students in E/BD. That is not the problem, though. The problem is that I am expected to teach 3 grade levels of Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies, while differentiating instruction. In Florida, we have the standardized state test, the FCAT, that is given to elementary grades 3-5. The biggest challenge is to perform the aforementioned miracle of teaching, as well as, prepare my 3rd graders to "pass" the Reading FCAT,so that they will not be "retained in 3rd grade" next year; prep the 4th-graders to "pass" the Writing FCAT (required) as well as take the R & M FCAT, and prep my 5th graders to pass the Science FCAT & take their first year of FCAT Math solely on the computer w/ reading as well. It is very overwhelming with 1 aide and myself. ANY specific suggestions for compacting lesson plans and/or addressing this difficulty on a higher level w/ administration? HELP... It's only been 1 of 4 cycles of the 2012-2013 school year......

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Hi Monique, I would focus on

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Hi Monique,
I would focus on what your students need not what the state of Florida wants. You can embed some of the skills required in your lesson plans for the tests; you probably are.
I don't know if your students passing the test is a requirement for your evaluation, I hope not, special ed students passing these state exams are challenging for them even with modifications. I would also start close collaboration with the parents of your students, parents promoting school success at home will translate to success at school.

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