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Highly Qualified in Special Education?

joni whittemore

Does anyone know the true definition of HQ. I teach resource math and english to kids working on a regular diploma. but are not successful in an inclusion class. My certification says I can teach Math 9-12 and English K-12, but some administrators say that is not being HQ. Any information would be great regarding HQ in Special Education.

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I'm a special education

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I'm a special education teacher who is highly qualified and I was told it meant I could teach both special education students as well as regular education students in language arts and math. I had to take extra courses in these areas. In other words they could make me sub or a long term sub if a regular teacher was out.

It has been pretty confusing

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It has been pretty confusing in our district and state. Up until about 4 years ago EC teachers were HOUSSED or grandfathered in as HQ. During the past 4 years we were required to take a Praxis II exam, number 0511. This year they called in all the teachers who had taken the 511 and informed us that we were no longer HQ. About a month later they told the HOUSSED people the same thing. The new solution also seems to fall short. In order to teach resource, to be the teacher of record, we are required to take the content area Praxis II for the subject we want to teach. My license now states that I am HQ by taking a test in Middle Grades Science and Social Studies, as well as, General EC. The strange thing is the areas I formerly qualified in are still on my license, too!

As a professional, I do not intend to allow myself to be HQ by test only. I intend to take classes in my subject areas although I am not required to do so. I have a feeling that is coming as they figure that one out in another 4 years or so!

If we are certified in General EC curriculum that means we can teach inclusion but cannot be the teacher of record in core curriculum subjects. We can, however, teach Study Skills or Learning Lab and be the teacher of record.

If you do not know what you are HQ in, I would suggest that you talk to a licensure person in your district and ask them or your state office to analyze your credentials, including transcripts and test scores. In our state it costs $55 and then you know for sure. At that point you can find out what you need to do, if anything.

This experiment actually is

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This experiment actually is hands on to the judges or visitors. The student doesn not have to do much hands on. To be a true experiment hypothesize that the bone left in vinegar longest will bend easier. A student of mine with no physical handicap (he is EBD4) won second place in our science fair this year with this. Here is the link.http://www.sciencebob.com/experiments/rubberbone.php

Junior High Resource Teacher

I have a bachelor's degree in

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I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education with a minor in learning disabilities k-12. I was told that once I received my master's degree, I would be considered HQ for teaching in the middle school setting in a resource room. I am still trying to figure it out.

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