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"The Motivated Student"

Bob Sullo author, educational consultant

While it's easy to emphasize their differences, special ed students are more like their peers than different. Often easily discouraged, especially when they enter middle school, motivation is often a crucial variable.

I want to invite you to participate in a book study group I'm facilitating, based on my ASCD book "The Motivated Student." If you wish more of your students were engaged and inspired, this group is for you!

My goal is to gather as many educators as possible from around the world to discuss how to engage more kids and inspire them to be more successful in school. This includes kids with disabilities, those most easily discouraged and inmost need of our support.

All the information you need to participate in this book study group can be found by going to:

We begin on April 15. I hope you'll be part of the conversation!

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motivating our students

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I am lot late in joining this group but was wondering if I could still follow along with you?

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