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changing from special education to regular education

Andrea Teacher, 5th grade

Hi All!
Has anyone transferred out of spec. ed. to reg. ed.? I am thinking of trying to do so and wonder what others' experiences have been. I really would like to hear others' perspectives.

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Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

I've been a stay-at-home

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I've been a stay-at-home mother for several years and am now looking to re-enter the field of education. My experience is in early childhood special education, but can anyone advise me as to whether it would be a good idea to get certified in reg. education as well. Would it open up my options?

Senior officer at the Ministry of Education in Portugal

National policies regarding

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National policies regarding Special Education Needs may differ from country to country but there's an international trend defended by UNESCO (Salamanca Statement) and other organizations supporting inclusion in mainstream schools rather than Special Schools that tend to perpetuate segregation.

I believe in inclusion and I think that it's not only a human right but it's the only way that all of us may experience and share the barriers that people with disabilities have to face. As long as people with disabilities are kept apart in closed communities, we tend to look at a distance to their situation. Regular pupils may learn about their schoolfellows needs and raise awareness at close range.

However inclusion to be successful requires specialized staff and physical resources. Schools need to promote an inclusion culture. When these requirements fail, the criticism arise that tregular schools are not prepared to host these children/youth and that they are better taken care in segregated special settings.

Pre-K Mom - Atlanta, Georgia

I am planning on adopting a

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I am planning on adopting a child in the 3rd or 4th grade that currently has an IEP. I have yet to read the IEP but I believe based on some of what I know about the lives many children have led before and during foster care, that the initial neglect and/or abuse that led to being pulled from the home or loss of parents and the instability from changing foster homes and schools results in falling behind in school and normal learning. With that said, I wonder if with steady improvement a child can be transitioned out of SPED into the mainstream over time? And does the school system take notice and validate the cause and effect of trauma/learning ratio in foster children? Or does the parent have to insist on IEP re-evaluation annually? Would love some guidance as I'd like to be prepared and armed with some good advice. Thanks to anyone who will respond.

Special Education Teacher - Elementary

Hi, I was middle schol

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I was middle schol special education and then went to general education english, 8th grade. I absolutely LOVED it. I would go back in a quick second, but like the other person who posted, we moved and there was huge choice in jobs within the spec ed field.

I work with a young teacher who just switched from fourth grade ICS to fourth grade general ed. and she really likes it. She likes having her own room and being able to make her own decisions and she was getting very frustrated with the spec ed. CST and admin in our district, so the move for her was easy. It is a lot of work being in charge of your own room, but I think there are pros and cons to both and it just depends on your own strengths and what you are looking for.

I am currently doing spec ed again and absoltuely love the resource part of it. I get the best of boht worlds this way becuase I have my own room but am workingn with the population I am best suited for.

Hope that helps a little.

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Hi CC Crenshaw,Please

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Hi CC Crenshaw,

Please reference this Web site . While I am not an expert on this subject matter and am in no way endorsing this organization, but I hope this lead helps generate some answers.

Elementary Resource Room Teacher

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I taught several years in a special education resource room and transferred into a 2nd/3rd grade split class for a few years and then into a straight 2nd grade class. I did this for about 6 years. I have since returned to special education. My experience in the general education class taught me that often the spe.ed. students were all placed in my room, due to may experience/spe.ed. certification and that the paperwork demands were significantly less in gen.ed than in spe.ed. For me, however, the rewards have far out weighed the lofty paperwork demands I have experienced in spe.ed. Good luck.

special ed teacher

When a student is placed in

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When a student is placed in special ed. their cirumstances are taken into consideration. The special ed teacher is aware of psychological factors caused by foster care. Sometimes that changes has the child gets a stable, trusting environment. Students have an annual IEP meeting every year to determine progress on goals. Students do get phased out to main stream if they no longer has a deficit. You do not have to insist on a re-evaluation, the special ed teacher will contact you about one. If you want a meeting at anytime before the re-evaluation due date, you have the right to request one, the teacher won't get upset its part of the job. Maybe a regular meeting with teacher will answer your questions. An IEP meeting requires various individuals to attend and consumes more time if it is not needed.

Once you have guardianship of the child please contact the special ed. teacher or shool psychologist, they can talk to you. Also if the child will be moving to a new school were you live, the special ed teacher will arrange an IEP meeting within 10 days of the student entering. I hope I answered your questions.


I work in a private school

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I work in a private school and I am interested in mainstreaming Early Learners into multi-aged preschool classrooms. Transitions between classrooms has been issues for these students and I would appreciate if someone can share special education strategies that would help support preschoolers with ADHD, Sensory processing, and mild Autism.

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