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How do you feel about calculators at an Elementary Level

How do you feel about calculators at an Elementary Level

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I teach a 4th grade special education program and monitor mainstreamed students. We learn the process of the math problems, practice some on their own as well as practice some of them using a calculator. It's a modification on thier IEP and I feel like I shouldn't be waisting all year shoving multiplication facts down thier throat. The time is better utilized teaching them different types of math problems and teaching them how to figure out how to solve them. The problem I am running into is that when kids are back on grade level and I want to place them back in class, the reg. ed. teachers are very anti calculator useage in their classrooms. They feel like if they are going to be in class, they need to be able to do it all independently. What are your feelings on the subject? If you are successful with your reg ed teachers and being able to utilize calculators in the classroom, how do you get your reg. ed teachers to buy in? Help!!! :) Guin

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