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HIgh School Special Education Teacher

HIgh School Special Education Teacher

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I teach a Life skills class for special needs students. I have been given the challenge of creating a program in our school plus thing out of the box with it. What are you doing in other schools? Does anyone have an apartment or house that you use? How do you fund these projects?

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Lisa Holyfield's picture
Lisa Holyfield
High School Intensive Resource Teacher

I'll be interested to hear what's suggested. I would also like to help restructure our high school's intensive resource department. For example, I would like to work with the students with autism separately, especially during reading and have a social skills class. I would hope there would be some model out there that would help.

Kimberly King Carpenter's picture
Kimberly King Carpenter
High School Special Education Teacher

I am in the same boat and have been given no resources. I am dealing with students who are dipolma and non-diploma bound. I would love to be able to set up a small area to teach life skills. Anyone have any ideas on how I should approach the administration to get my own space or how to even start a program?

Kimberly Rademaker's picture
Kimberly Rademaker
High School Special Education Teacher

I work with autistic students along with the speech therapist. Once a week we run a social skills class and together use the same lesson plans for teaching social skills through out the day.

Cheri Maupin's picture
Cheri Maupin
Resource Teacher, Community Based Education, High School from Ogallala, Ne

It sounds as if we are all in the same boat. What social skills curriculum are you using? Hidden Curriculum or is there something else that can be use.

Rosemary Allport's picture
Rosemary Allport
7-12 Sped teacher in rural area

I personally do teach this group of students...but when I was student teaching, I worked in Bend, OR area. One of the schools there had an apartment where post high school students reported, and then went to their supported employment positions (shelters, and other arranged jobs). You might want to look up the schools in the Bend area.

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