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Cheri Maupin Resource Teacher, Community Based Education, High School from Ogallala, Ne

I teach a Life skills class for special needs students. I have been given the challenge of creating a program in our school plus thing out of the box with it. What are you doing in other schools? Does anyone have an apartment or house that you use? How do you fund these projects?

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another idea is a potato bar

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another idea is a potato bar for staff on Fridays
Ballons for the school- sold ballons kids could purchase for birthday etc
Cookie orders
Made birdhouses and sold them

Resource Teacher, Community Based Education, High School from Ogallala, Ne

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All the ideas that have been suggested on this discussion group has been wonderful. I have take a few of them and presented to my director. The result is that I am creating a new program for our school then presenting the ideas that you all gave to our School Board in the fall. Each idea is worth a pile of gold. We as life skills teachers have to present more that core curriculum to our students but how to make it in the world. You all desire a round of applause!!

Hi, I'm pretty new to

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Hi, I'm pretty new to students requiring more life skill courses vs. those on a more academic track. Quite the opposite, I've had 3 autistic children placed in my class because they are higher functioning and the psychologist or parents (or both) wanted to challenge them. At least for these kids, I've seen how by raising expectations, they have all risen to the challenge. I treat them like the other kids and encourage them. These children so want to achieve it surprises me. What is more unsettling is that their parents keep telling me that I'm producing a miracle. I don't think I'm doing anything special; I just think these kids were misplaced. I teach a 8:1:1 class, ELA, Social Studies, 9 - 12 grade. The issue, is they're STILL autistic and will need support their entire life. Yet they have shown they can complete a highly structure, but modified high school curriculum that I hope will enrich their lives.

What you did is awesome...

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What you did is awesome... often times, students with autism aren't challenged to do their best. It is obvious that you treated them with respect and demanded that they do their best. Kudos to you, you certainly deserve it.

Gee, thank you Paula. Funny

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Gee, thank you Paula. Funny thing, when I met my first autistic child I was a little scared. I wondered how I would be able to teach him. The thing is he taught me. This kid is so lovable that even after two years with him I would adopt him in a flash if I could. He is so highly cared for and admired by everyone in the class and mainstream school.

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