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HIgh School Special Education Teacher

HIgh School Special Education Teacher

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I teach a Life skills class for special needs students. I have been given the challenge of creating a program in our school plus thing out of the box with it. What are you doing in other schools? Does anyone have an apartment or house that you use? How do you fund these projects?

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c mon's picture

Start in the school's kitchen, What a lot of life skills could be taught in there! Set up a small area in the classroom to teach ironing, clothes folding etc.. Come on people you all have college degrees don't you?

Cheri Maupin's picture
Cheri Maupin
Resource Teacher, Community Based Education, High School from Ogallala, Ne

In my classroom, I have all that is stated by c mon. I also washer and dryer. We wash and dry clothes and other items on a daily basis. But how are we to teach bed making or such activities if we don't have ways to show them how to do it. These students need concrete learning ways. Yes we all went to college and have degrees! But we want to increase the learning experiences for our students so they are successful in the community.

c mon's picture

You Do not need a full size bed to teach the art of bedmaking! Custodial staff could make a wood frame to simulate a bed!

Theresa Bowser's picture
Theresa Bowser
High School Special Education teacher

Sarcasm isn't necessary. Not every district has the same resources available to their special education teachers. Also, new teachers need our support!

Gerianne Street's picture

Maybe a field trip to a hotel? I am a special ed. teacher and I have recently adopted a developmentally disabled son who did a three week internship at a large resort. He received certificates for each job he learned and is very proud of how he can make a bed. He likes an audience though and still doesn't make his own bed without being asked! lol

Debbie Lang's picture
Debbie Lang
High School Special Education

Have you seen the book, With Open Arms by Mary Schlieder? I recently attended a workshop by her and the book has a lot of ideas regarding Social Skills and Circle of Friends to teach Autism and Asperger's children.

Cheri Maupin's picture
Cheri Maupin
Resource Teacher, Community Based Education, High School from Ogallala, Ne

She is a good speaker. I want her book.

Angela Leach's picture
Angela Leach
High School Special Education Teacher

Our school is fortunate enough to have a small kitchen with washer and dryer. Believe me, I know how very fortuante we are.
Our life skills class (at one time or another) have:
* ran a cookie business where the students sold the fresh baked cookies at the end of the day~there is nothing like the smell of baked goods to encourage sales
* ran a breakfast program for faculty. The students developed a menu, took advance orders, perpared and even delivered orders, shopped for materials, and arranged the advertisements
*host a sit down Christmas luncheon for faculty/staff/family members. We sell tickets to the event, prepare all foods and serve our guests. The students bring in recipes or search for a recipe to make and in the end - we prepare a cookbook with the recipes that we used.
*have a student run school store for after school snacks
*do laundry for the PE department
*prepare a family style meal at least once a week
* have the local Red Cross come for babysitting/tips on staying alone and basic first aid training
*participate in job shadowing/community outings

I should note that we have excellent staff and students but are also a very rural area with limited resources. We have had to think outside of the box and feel we have been quite successful.

Cheri Maupin's picture
Cheri Maupin
Resource Teacher, Community Based Education, High School from Ogallala, Ne

Wow! Thanks for the information. You have given me soon great ideas for next year. I also have a washer and dryer and kitchen but I haven't even though of some of your ideas. We did prepare cookies for the Blood Drive and Student counsel conference. We wash other students' gym clothes. How do you teach general housekeeping? We clean the school's library and teacher's lounge (they are messy =). ) We clean our room when the janitor is sick. We care for a class pet and plants.

Angela Leach's picture
Angela Leach
High School Special Education Teacher

For general housekeeping - we did as you seem to be.... cleaned our rooms and kitchen area. Since we are such a small commiunity, we are exploring the idea of general house cleaning for an elderly person (which happens to be related to/good friends with someone on our staff)in our community. Along with the house work we have also discussed the idea of general outside/yard chores. We havent gotten very far past the discussion stage and still have to explore the liabilities of it but, in theory, it sounds good.

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