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keeping kids in regular ed

Tracy Forry

Does anyone have a plan to help support EBD students in the regular classroom so that they are removed less often?

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Cross Categorical/self-contained - Teacher

What grade level?? Often

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What grade level?? Often times I feel that there is too much down time for our squirmy kids. I wise teacher with middle school told me that he required 20 minutes of on task and 10 minutes of a preferred task. And if the student said I need a break they would go to the track and run a lap and then go back to work for 20 minutes. The kids were eventually able to work for 40 minutes with a 10 minute preferred task.(origami, nerf basketball, comic books, drawing etc..) With elementary kiddos I have a picture schedule and a box with activities they can do after 20 minutes (Usually 3 tasks or 2 centers). Usually my kids need some sort of sensory input for a few minutes and then they return to complete the academic task. I use a check off list for students and then allow them to do a preferred task. Assess the environment (Task analysis) I have several students who act up when it is too hard/easy, hot/cold, noisy/quiet, their pants are too tight, their feet hurt, etc..

I'm a special ed. teacher for the PASS Program

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Created in Texas, our district is using PASS to mainstream EBD kids. It's a great program.Check out www.thepassprogram.com

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