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Social Skills Questionnaire

Social Skills Questionnaire

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I am currently taking a research class and conducting a study on the need for social skills to be taught. I currently teach students with emotional disturbance and find on a daily basis that I need to address social skills at every turn. If you could take a minute to answer the questions, it would greatly be appreciated. Thank you. Social Skills Questionnaire: Please answer yes or no. 1. Would you say that your students lack social skills/manners? 2. Are your students able to appropriately interrupt a conversation? 3. Are your students able to ask for things that they need or want in an appropriate manner? 4. Are your students able to make and keep friends? 5. Are your students able to tend to and follow instructions? 6. Please label in order of importance the social skills that your students need to work on: ____Raising hand before speaking ____Seeking attention properly ____Joining activities ____Apologizing ____Waiting turn ____Dealing with losing ____Dealing with Peer Pressure ____Following Directions 7. Is there anything regarding social skills that you would like to see your district address?

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