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how can you become a special ed teacher

how can you become a special ed teacher

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i have undergraduate degree B.S. in media studies..i have been working 5 years at a middle school now one on one with a sixth grader..

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LPS's picture
Cross Categorical/self-contained - Teacher

Some school districts have programs that are connected to a local University. Tucson Unified had a full scholarship for people willing to get a severe/profound certificate. I found that the skills I learned in the severe program work across all developmental levels and then I simply took the state tests for the various endorsements that I wanted to add to my certificate. I came into the field as a parent who was frustrated with the system. I did not go into SPED until both my kids were grown (I lived with 2 children who have special needs, I have much more tolerance now that they are independant).

When we get ready to hire TA's I always invite them to visit us for a few days and then decide if they want to interview. Typically, in my room a person must be able to move quickly and be extremely team oriented. 1:1 is very different than having a self-contained classroom. I wish you well in your endeavor. I do what I do because I love it most days. (definately not for the Pay, paperwork or the bruises I may get in the course of a day)

Madhu goteti's picture

I am a canadian citizen with some experience as a T.A in canadian schools.My basic exposure has been in ESL training /transition and mild disabilities. I would love to try out your program. I am presently based in Houston texas. Can you suggest something/

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Cross Categorical/self-contained - Teacher

Northern AZ University has a Great Program, Univ. of AZ also has a program that is currently being fund by a special grant to train SPED teachers or people interested in teaching students with disabilities. Grand Canyon University has a good online program. In CA I went to Azusa Pacific University and they also have a really good program. In WA State Western WA University had an excellent program. The burnout rate tends to be high in SPED. I also know that Texas has some very good programs. A friend of mine and her husband moved back to Texas so that he could teach music since AZ was cutting most of the High School music programs. Good luck in your endeavors.

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