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Social Media for Students with Special Needs - Graduate Research

Bill Boudreaux HS Technology Teacher / Grad Student in Special Education

I am conducting graduate research about the use of social media for students with special needs. A brief description of this project is included below and a more detailed explanation, screen shots and links can be found at www.billboudreaux.org/.

The private online social network is called AbilityPages and is located at http://abilitypages.ning.com/. AbilityPages network was created as a safe alternative to social networking web sites such as Myspace and Facebook. The Ability pages network will be moderated by participating educators and parents of students with special needs to ensure the safety and privacy of the members.

The goals of the AbilityPages network are: (1) Members will benefit from social interactions with peers in the areas of communication skills, social skills and normalization. (2) Members will become more proficient in their use of technology as a communication tool. (3) Social media is used to enhance curriculum delivery through collaboration between students.

Thus far response to the idea has been overwhelmingly positive. Therefore I am adjusting the focus of the research to include more ideas and suggestions for implementation from people familiar with social media and education technology. Please take a moment to respond to the survey at www.billboudreaux.org or simply leave a comment.

Thank you for your interest.
Bill Boudreaux

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Very cool project!

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I am so interested in this; I'd love to hear your findings. We are working on a social media pilot project with Tier 1 kids; it's really exciting.

we are at www.edsome.com

Education Consultant for Autism

Love this idea..Just sent you

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Love this idea..Just sent you an email. SymbalooEDU is working with me to develop a webmix specifically for individuals with developemental disabities.

Special Education Teacher, Public Elementary School, Philippines

Thank you for this idea.Iit

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Thank you for this idea.Iit would be of great help to those individuals who wants to share, develop and be of trend in getting of the information for individuals with special needs.

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