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Testing for extend 1


Hi everyone

I am new to this website, I am a teacher with a private residential center in North carolina. I teach children who are severe/profound mutihandicapped. My concern is the state texting for my students. we just went through benchmarks and writting test, that were unbelievable. Of the students that have to be texted on extend 1 only 1 of them have the slightest chance to get any answers correct, all of them are visionally impaired, and some of them have hearing loss, limited movements and 1 can only turn his head from side to side. 2 years agao when the state started this type og testng I spent 10 hour adapting materials and my students still were not successful. it gets very frustrating as a teacher to not be able to show that my students are learning because of the current testing material. Are there any other teachers on this website that are feeling the same way? Just saying
Thansk for listening

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If you are in a private

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If you are in a private school, ask the principal to get in touch with the state representative who deals with the NC Extend1 and ask him/her for suggestions on how to modify the Extend1 to show growth in your students from year to year. Don't put the blame on yourself, let the "state" come up with a solution for you. They created the test.

Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

I agree that it is the

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I agree that it is the state's responsibility to come up with testing modifications or alternatives for your students. Also, many states do not test the most disabled students.

In NY, we have a list of modifications and adaptations we can use with students. The only caveat is that the mod has to be specified in the student's IEP. If there is a mod in the IEP it applies to all tests, classroom tests as well as the state ones

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