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SDC teacher

craig Stewart

This is my 30th year, retiring soon. Welcome to help, share, etc.

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Elementary Special Ed Resource / RtI Teacher

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You gotta' love kids and appreciate diversity to work in special ed.! This is my 31st year of teaching, 8 years reg. education and the last 25 in special ed., teaching separate class and now resource.
Just want to know how other educators are implementing RtI strategies for both ESE and reg. ed kids. Any comments?

Fragile X

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Hi have two sons with Fragile X. The older one, Gabe, is in 1st grade this year in a life skills room (fully inclusive). He has a few pull-outs. He's like two kids at school, sometimes he's right on, using lots of language and proud of the work he's doing. Other times he's going limp on the ground, throwing things (not at people), and being fully contrary. We are trying to incorporate a sensory diet but wondering if you have any other suggestions. He does have OT, SLP and Behavioral Specialist.
Thanks, Kelli

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