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Modifying TC Reading/Writing Units of Study for Students in Special Ed.

Dan Mad Science Elementary Special Ed Teacher, NJ

I've been working with Columbia University's Teachers College Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop curricula for 3 years in three different districts. Last year I got my first permanent position teaching elementary students in resource room and in an In Class Support role. I got the position in good part due to my experience with the TC Units of Study.
When I began in January, I set my 3rd graders up with writers' notebooks, and leveled them up, teaching them to get into Just Right books. Lessons started each day with mini-lessons and units ended with celebrations.

I had some success, and there are lots of things I will do differently this coming September.

I really like the Workshop model, and I enjoy a lot of the student centered methods of teaching that go along with it. However, teaching to kids with such a wide range of abilities and who generally work at a such a slow rate make implementation very difficult. My kids read below grade level, and have persistent trouble with basic skills in reading and writing. I want them to be able to discover the excitement that can develop in a good supportive workshop environment, while addressing their basic needs.

I know there must be others out there with similar concerns.
What strategies have you found that work when implementing TC in the resource room?
There's lots to talk about here. Please feel free to share things that have been problematic and ideas of things that have worked.

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