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Differentiating instruction and professional learning groups

Karen Grades 7-8 language arts

In my school we are in need of more collaboration so that all of our teachers (including myself) can improve student learning mainly through differentiated instruction. Since our faculty is quite small (12 teachers), I was imagining pairs of reflective groups focusing on a common teaching question or reflection every other week. Are there any tips on how to get teachers (new and veteran) on board and how to keep these teams motivated throughout the year? Any suggestions will be helpful!

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8th Grade SpEd

Karen, The 5 Language Art

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The 5 Language Art teachers I worked with collaborated every Tuesday. Everyone took a part in completing the lessons, working in small groups, then feeding off each other. The motivation I noticed was a monthly breakfast date. I know that doesn't help with your curricular groups, but as you know, if you make it personal, the rest tends to follow.

Special Education Teacher working with students with severe disabilities

I think your idea of

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I think your idea of reflecting partners is a good start. Maybe they could take turns providing the treats for the time they are reflecting. I like you would like to begin something like this with my team. I am one of the three special education teachers at my school. I am really interested in the feedback your initial post will get. If I get any super ideas I will share, I hope you will do the same.

second grade teacher from virginia

Hello, I've had some

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Hello, I've had some experience with working with special education teachers and other providers. What I have done with other colleagues was have the teachers create questions based on the needs of their classroom. Bring the questions to evryone and brainstorm on some ideas that would help your colleagues. you may find that some of your colleagues share the same issues or you could assist the colleagues with issues that you may have addressed in the past. I hope this helps.

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