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What would it take to get this idea tested?

Chris Bogardus

It is an idea for helping people with decoding problems read faster, it also seems to seperate dyslexic people from people with generic reading problems. It has been tested informally on adults.
I want to put it in front of kids in a clasroom situation. What hoops do I need to jump through to make this happen?

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Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

What would it take to get this idea tested?

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I would start with the school in your community. If your children are of school-age, start at their school.

Talk to the principal, show him your site or product and ask him if you can test in on the students in that school. I am sure he will tell you the specific hoops you'll need to jump through.

Once you get it tested in one school it will be easier to get it tested in others.

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