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After High School

Joy Parent of rising high school senior

Hi all:

I have a son who will be in 12th grade next year. He has some LDs and ADHD. Because he is challenged at school, he has begun to dread and dislike it. I am hopeful he will finish next year, pass and get his high school diploma. But what then? He absolutely doesn't want to go to any college, university or technical school as he is fed up and frustrated with the school environment. But I feel like he needs to have some learning/structure/career training. Anything vocational training that requires testing of any kind is worrisome because he fails a majority of tests. His major area of interest is fishing and we live in Florida but he has tried and tried to get a job on the fishing boats here to no avail (they are mostly family-owned and operated and it's hard to get "in"). He has tried for part time work in the area as well at many of the usual places such as grocery stores, Walmart, fishing specialty stores and movie theaters. He apparently didn't do well in the interviews as he has not gotten a single offer, even for part time work. All very frustrating for him and worrisome for us.

Can anyone offer advice on a potential plan of action or resources that we could take advantage of for a soon-to-be graduated LD, ADHD, non-college goer? I'm in undiscovered territory and would love to have some input. Many thanks.


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The state of North Carolina

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The state of North Carolina has a program called Vocational Rehabilitation. They assist students in high school with finding the proper placement after high school. They help with interviewing skills, and even on the job training once they are hired if keeping a job is an issue. You might want to look for something like this. There should also be a transition plan built into his IEP if he has one. You might want to ask a special education teacher at his school if they know of anything like vocational rehabilitation. Hope this helps.

Program Specialist for MS Curriculum and Instruction and Transition

Make an appointment to talk

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Make an appointment to talk to his Case Manager. Federal Law REQUIRES that the school system prepare him for the transition to a world without high school. He should be getting job shadowing experiences, career counseling, recommendations for vocational rehab and other community agencies. Don't wait, call today!

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