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Autism Expressed: A Movement in Transition Advocacy

Michele McKeone Founder of Autism Expressed

Autism Expressed is running a small fundraising campaign and would love support from the Edutopia community. http://igg.me/p/98487?a=566564 Check it out and spread the word! Thank you!!!!

Autism Expressed is an online learning system that teaches adolescents with Autism to use digital and social media. Born out of advocacy, it represents the belief that students with Autism can achieve more. That is why we have dedicated our work to providing our students the skills to pursue their independence and autonomy. As Autism Expressed students learn to express their knowledge and values through current modes of social communication, they will not only develop marketable digital age skills, but also a sense of empowerment to advocate for themselves and others with Autism.

We see our product as a catalyst in a new and innovative type of cognitive and social development for this generation of adolescents with Autism and those who come thereafter. Join the movement!

Autism Expressed

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