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Caseload size

Laurie Stabenow Middle School special education teacher

I am very interested in advocating for special education working conditions. Caseload size seems to be the biggest factor, and seems to vary a great deal from state to state. What is a reasonable workload and caseload size?? I have talked to people in some states who have caseloads of 12-15 students with mild disabilities, while others have 40, 50 or more. I have several questions I would like people to respond to:
1) Does your state or district have caseload limitations?
2) What is the average caseload for your district for resource? for Lifeskills?

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In Albuquerque,NM caseloads

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In Albuquerque,NM caseloads differ according to FTE's. I have a caseload of 21, but I see almost all of my students. I do this by being active in the process of scheduling the students. It is so important for students to see their case manager. They need to know that someone is there for them!!!!

There is a life skills class

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There is a life skills class where the students take the alt. assess. My students are unable to be successful in the regular class, even with support. Our goal is to improve their skills so they can get back into the mainstream. Some make it all the way, some partially, some never. No matter what their disability, they are all working towards a regular high school diploma.

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