Identifying and responding to students' needs

David Ginsburg Instructional Coach, Leadership Coach, Math Specialist

Check out my new post, Maslow's Hierarchy Hits Home, for a key to me turning things around as a struggling new teacher: an appreciation for the disconnect between where I was on Maslow's hierarchy of needs and where my students were.

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Very cool. I try to look at

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Very cool. I try to look at students' assumptions based on their needs. For example, there are many programs that teach the definition of "peer pressure" and "refusal skills" to youngsters, many who assume that it is crucial that everybody likes them, based on where they are on Maslow's heirarchy. My concern is that although a youngster may be able to define "peer pressure" and say "No", he or she would have a very difficult time doing so unless helped to understand that it might be okay if some people might not like them if they made their own choices.

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