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What about Waldorf?

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Since the place I work has a Waldorf teacher training program, I spend a lot of my time seeing evidence of Waldorf education (paintings, felting, etc). I'm surrounded by Waldorf educators and Waldorf-inspired pedagogy and I've always been struck by how gentle and student- centered they are. It's got me wondering about how Waldorf teachers and students engage in the whole SEL conversation.

I visited a site recommended by Torin Finser, one of my colleagues, called Why Waldorf Works (http://www.whywaldorfworks.org/01_WhyWaldorf/index.asp) and discovered some interesting things. For example, according to the site: 92% of Waldorf graduates placed a high value on critical thinking and 90% highly value tolerance of other viewpoints.

Then I came across this on empathy in a piece called "Social-Emotional Education and Waldorf Education"

While love is often impatient,
empathy is patient.
While love is often aggressive,
empathy is kind.
While love is often generous,
empathy envies no one.
Love is often proud,
but empathy is never boastful nor conceited.
While love is often selfish and very easy to take offense,
empathy is never selfish and never takes offense.
Empathy keeps no score of wrongs, nor does not gloat over
other men's sins, but delights in the truth.
There is nothing empathy cannot face,
There is no end to its own faith, hope, and its endurance.
(17) (Thomas Weihs)

We don't talk much about Waldorf Education here on Edutopia, so I"m curious. What are your experiences with it- particularly around SEL?

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