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Resolutions and Reflections

Resolutions and Reflections

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I'll admit it- I have a weakness for New Year’s Resolutions. I know I'm not the only one-there’s a reason so many of us make them year after year. There’s something about that fresh start that a new year brings- we want to imagine that this will be the year we write that book, run that marathon, cultivate a spirit of gratitude, or learn to speak Thai. We may not stick with them very long, (personally, I only have 7 pounds left to lose of the 5 I resolved to drop in 2013), but the process of coming up with something to which we can aspire requires us to reflect, to look back at what we’ve done so far and evaluate whether it’s gotten us the results we’d hoped for, and what we want to do differently in the coming year. So what about you? What do you hope to do, be, or discover in 2014?

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