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Can we have compassion for a bully?

Can we have compassion for a bully?

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I remember recently reading a lot on bullying. My company created a simple video game, a mobile app, that shows a personality type. His name is Ramthor and his character type 8 could be put into the slot of "the bully". Even if you know little to nothing about the enneagram, this I found very interesting and wanted to share, this attached article is about type 8.


There are 9 personality types on the enneagram, each unique. I want to work to help children understand themselves and then others. Do you think that if a child understood the personality of a bully, that it would help?

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Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Manager

Every strength has its shadow, doesn't it? Thinking about it, that may be an easier way to make the issues around bullying more comprehensible.

Interesting article. Thank you for sharing it.

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