The Olymp-i-a Challenge: SEL Meets Peace, Green-Living, and Health // Oct 14-20 Lights On Afterschool Event Announcement

Lesa R. Walker Public Health Physician and Author/Administrator of the Olymp-i-a Challenge

Engage children and youth in the Olymp-i-a Challenge where SEL meets Peace, Green-Living, and Health!

The Olymp-i-a Challenge is a simple, yet powerful, writing exercise to help children and youth increase awareness and empathy and strengthen life skills in peace, green-living, and health. The "i" and the "a" in "Olymp-i-a" stand for positive ideas and actions. The Challenge engages children and youth in a journaling practice in which they write (or draw) about what they think and do for peace, green-living, and health in their daily lives. The exercise is a perfect fit for SEL.

This week, Oct 14-20, there's a quick way to introduce children and youth to the Olymp-i-a Challenge. Help celebrate "Lights on Afterschool 2013" by participating in the Olymp-i-a Challenge "Lights On Afterschool" Global Online Event: Encourage and help children and youth enter positive ideas and actions for peace, green-living, and health online. Participate any time this week. It's easy! 1 click on the link. 1 entry. Done! Let's celebrate the power of youth to make a better world!

See the "Educator Innovator" blog post about the event: Adult mentors and teachers can do it too!

For more information about the Olymp-i-a Challenge, visit the Idea4Idea website ( the Olymp-i-a Challenge publications ( There are resources to help teachers, mentors, and youth group leaders implement the Olymp-i-a Challenge exercise in a variety of settings (school classrooms, libraries, school clubs, Scouts, Special Olympics, 4-H, etc.):

The Olymp-i-a Challenge can be done by youth as individuals or groups. The exercise complements and supports existing SEL programs, curricula, and activities.

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