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Providers of SEL products...

Providers of SEL products...

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I have come across a growing number of providers of SEL materials, some of whom serve some pretty specific niche markets, but whose products could be more universally applicable. I'd like to start building a database in wiki form for some of the resources we (as a group) have found useful. Edutopia has set up a wiki for the purpose of archiving our collective wisdom, and I hope to populate it with a variety of resources for hungry Edutopians. I ran across a new product in another part of the forum and I've invited Paula Prentis to post a link to it here as I think others might be interested. She's developed a concept called ChatMats which may serve as a bridge between schools and families to promote continuity of SEL experiences. Maybe ChatMats can get our wiki product descriptions off to a good start... Mary Kate

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Paula Prentis's picture
Paula Prentis
Author of SEL, self skills, PBL program for teens.

Thank you Mary Kate!
Yes, in all of our research while writing an SEL series of books for middle school students to help them develop a sense of self, an integral part of any SEL program, I was stunned at the statistics on family mealtime. In brief, the more times a week that families sit down together, the less likely those children will engage in risky behavior and the more likely they will be better students and happier people. I thought, we have to do something to empower families to sit down together and engage in meaningful, self-reflective conversations.
So, was born. We just launched the product and literally have inventory this week. Response has been amazing so we'd like to also offer chat mats as a fundraising opportunity to schools and communities in order to bring more conversation and imagination to the table.
Like many families, I took mealtime for granted, but sadly, so many families are not sitting down together and when they do, mom and dad are naturally tired. So, part of our idea was to take the "effort" out of the equation. Conversation literally just happens. (We also have "party" mats for when kids have celebrations. These kids are busy for over an hour going through all the silliness on the mats, so the parent hosting the event has time to breathe!)
Please visit the website or contact me for more information. I really appreciate Mary Kate bringing this up. I do hope to get more families engaged in meaningful conversation so these sobering statistics will diminish over time.
Incidentally, you can learn more about our SEL curriculum at
Again, thank you for allowing me to share. I would appreciate any feedback, as we are constantly trying to improve the quality of our work and we have other projects in line as well.

Ms. Bea's picture
Ms. Bea

What a great idea to create a Wiki site. Please add Recessitate to the list. It is not a curriculum but a set of 24 color-coded cards with activities that teach classes to calm down, wake up or gear up for learning - a great classroom management, mindfulness, SEL and brain compatible learning tool that teaches self-regulation and reduces stress at school. See what users are saying at

Mary Kate Land's picture
Mary Kate Land
Montessori 4-6th grade teacher

Hi Ruth,

That sounds like a helpful product, I was reading on another forum here that teachers were looking for ideas for "brain breaks," this sounds like it might be just what they're looking for.


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