? Any summer resources with SEL focus for grade-school children?

Alan Maloney Parent; Psychiatrist; Jungian Analyst.


I'd like to hear from folks who know of summer resources (camps/groups/etc) that have a SEL focus for grade-school aged children.

My specific interest if for a gifted 3rd grader in San Francisco.

Thanks! Alan

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Author of SEL, self skills, PBL program for teens.

Hi Alan, You mentioned a

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Hi Alan,
You mentioned a 'gifted' third grader. Are you familiar with the talented and gifted conferences and resources? They may be of some help for you. My colleague and I are speaking at their Northeast event in October. Social and emotional issues are often the missing link with talented and gifted. Third grade is a bit young for our materials, but feel free to take a "road trip" on the topic on our website, it's all free... Www.yourselfseries.com
Good luck! Paula

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