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jjd005 K-3 Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Special Education Teacher

In every school around the country, we have them. Yes, students who may or may not be diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders. These students are violent, aggressive, and disruptive to our classrooms and student learning.

What do we do? Suspend? Expel? Have these approaches worked in supporting your most challenging students? My guess, the answer is no.

So what?

It is time for a mind shift. We need to look at these students differently. We can no longer afford to view these students as troublesome or a lost cause.

How do we go about creating this mind shift? What resources would you need? Can this be accomplished in our educational settings? How can we provide the social and emotional support these students desperately need? What strategies or approaches do you find most helpful for these students? I am curious to hear your input, thoughts, and ideas for supporting our students who don't fit the typical student persona!

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Students with EBD can be very

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Students with EBD can be very challenging to deal with. There are many teaching strategies that can help students with EBD succeed in the classroom, including using their strengths and interests for motivation and having a reward system. Also, communication is very important. Communicating with the student's family about how the student is doing during the school day and what he/she needs to work on will benefit the student if the family works on those things at home.

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