Integrating SEL into Content Curriculum

Rachel Pickett 10th grade Social Studies

Are there ways you integrate SEL into your curriculum?

This week, for example, my students are exploring the question 'which is more powerful -- the tactics of military forces or the tactics of cooperation?'

Through the context of the China v. Tibet conflict, we're considering themes of power and justification. Also, students have to write back and forth to each other about this question.

I tend to think there are many, many ways to integrate SEL into curriculum, and students really respond to it. It ups engagement and relevance, and higher level thinking.

Any thoughts? ideas?

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10th grade Social Studies

I will write all about how

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I will write all about how Discovery frames transactional analysis soon, Mary Kate.

Shifting topics... this Newark Peace Education Summit looks SO cool! Check it out :)

I'd love to play a role in building something along these lines, someday.


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