Feeling Creatures that Think, Instead of Thinking Creatures Who Feel

Catherine Mitchell Director of Wellness Through Movement

Anyone out there teaching the relationships of sensations to perception?

Social and Emotional learning addressed the psychological way is paramount for a life time but for the younger children what about learning when they can't "reason" as easy as "feel" the concept of self-awareness?

Self awareness, regulation or innovation taught from the body to the brain...or "inside out" is starting to get more notice by scholars. We are looking for those people. Self-awareness, how it feels physically inside, can help children understand a lot about what they feel emotional; or mentally. "Children are feeling creatures that think, not thinking creatures that feel (Jill Bolte Taylor)," we all are.

Give the child a direction to feel the sensation of the their body and a whole template of the "back of their minds" becomes apparent: what needs to be communicated from the heart to the head instead of being tangled in the adult head of reasoning.

Anyone doing research on this in schools?


Catherine Rosasco Mitchell

A New SENSORY Self-Awareness


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