How do kids learn

Demetria Parks

Students learn in all type of ways from hands-on, to audio, to visual. Teachers need to know there students learning abilities and disablitities if there are some.Students learn very young about social and emotional learning without being aware of it sometimes. Some kids come from families that are very emotional connected while others kids lack this experience. As teachers we can help some children to overcome this stage in their lives just by how we allow them learn. That comes with a teacher knowing how his or her students learn best and overall. Social learning is a big step in today's society and kids have to be led in that right direction sometimes to get it down. That when it is good that teachers do group activities and even just pairing students together when learning new things can help. Learning centers can help also build students self-esteem and their character. As teachers its important to hear a students cry, even when their silent.

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