How can teachers help end bullying?

Holly Willis Former Social Media Marketing Assistant at Edutopia
Hi everyone -

I just came across this great question on Twitter and wanted to share it with our community. It comes from Divya, a new teacher, who is struggling to help address the bullying at her school and in her classroom:

"Def just cried in front of my students. Middle school students can be so mean to each other. How can educators effectively end the bullying?"

Do you have any tips or strategies for Divya? I'll be sharing your responses with her via Twitter.


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I've had a friend of mine go

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I've had a friend of mine go through some really bad harassment and bullying. It drove her out of her old school because she was afraid so much. She 's trying to get into a smaller school where she's more comfortable, but they haven't accepted her yet. If you can sign this petition, it will help her get a safe education. Thank you.

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