A Social-Emotional Educational Program

Nicholas Anderson A student of psychology interested in education.

Here is a Social-Emotional program for elementary school children.

The idea is simple:
1) Have the children identify their feelings today, and talk openly about why they are feeling that. In the program, this is done by having a child put a leaf with their name on it on a "Feelings Tree," where each branch identifies one of 6 core emotions: Happy, Angry, Sad, Worried, Surprised, Disgusted.

2) Teach about an emotion. What makes you feel that way? What does it feel like with your body? What does it look like when other people feel it? How do you feel when other people feel that emotion? How do you think they feel when you feel that emotion? What is a good way to react, and what is a not-so-good way?

3) Teach a coping mechanism for that emotion.

4) A fun activity that relates to the emotion in some way. Could be arts & crafts, skits, writing compliments, scavenger hunts, etc.

Here is a video of a year-long implementation of the program, how it was done, and how the children felt about it.