"The Motivated Student: Unlocking the Enthusiasm for Learning" | Edutopia
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"The Motivated Student: Unlocking the Enthusiasm for Learning"

"The Motivated Student: Unlocking the Enthusiasm for Learning"

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Do you think that we have lost something valuable because of our fascination with test scores and AYP? Do you think that there may be a link between our overwhelming reverence with academic achievement and an increase in school bullying? Do you think it's important for us to create schools where kids feel safe and valued? If so, you may be interested in a book study group I am facilitating based on my ASCD book "The Motivated Student: Unlocking the Enthusiasm for Learning." It starts in 2 weeks and is free. For details, visit: http://edge.ascd.org/_The-Motivated-Student/BLOG/2273392/127586.html My goal is to gather as many educators as possible from around the world (literally) and discuss how to engage and inspire kids to value learning and succeed academically. If you're interested in student motivation and creating schools that broaden the vision of what it means to be "well-educated," I hope you'll join me and be part of this exciting conversation!

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Hana Galperin's picture

This topic is of great interest to me, but I teach College students. I believe they too need inspiring and need to learn how to learn.

This discussion is of great interest, but the time of the discussion in Israel, where I live, is between 2:00AM - 3:00AM, a bit too late.

Bob Sullo's picture
Bob Sullo
author, educational consultant

Hana...Thanks for writing. Don't be deterred by the time. The live chat may not work for you, but the chat is archived so you can always go back to see what was said. More importantly, I will follow each chat with questions/topics for discussion. That will run just like this, with opportunities to ask questions, comment, offer suggestions, etc.... all at each person's convenience. Finally, the fact that you work with college students is only a bonus! You will have a perspective that is different from many others and can talk about how our traditional attempts to motivate students often falls short (as you see all too often). Thanks for writing and I hope you'll join and contribute to my group....bob

Malathi Swaminathan's picture
Malathi Swaminathan
Mental Health cum Education Consultant

Mr.Bob Sullo, the Community of Learners that you are creating is meaningful. Looking forward to this! I appreciate you taking this path.

(I have just begun reading the book).

Constrained persective and driving individuals with a single focus of academics per se is leading to current issues that prevail in schools.
I am a mental health cum education consultant from India.

Unfortunately given the time zone difference mine would be a passive interaction.

Malathi Swaminathan

Bob Sullo's picture
Bob Sullo
author, educational consultant

Hi Malathi,
Thanks for writing. You do NOT have to be a passive participant! Even if the live chat doesn't work for you, we will be following up each chat with ongoing discussion about specific questions/topics from the book. So you can be a very active participant. I certainly hope you get involved as I'd like to offer different cultural perspectives. Discovering similarities and differences. I look forward to having you be part of the book study group! Please tell your colleagues.....Thanks....bob

David Fox's picture

Are you familiar with Daniel Pink's book Drive?

I am an associate high school principal from Iowa. I have read Activating the Desire to Learn and am looking forward to this learning. Thank you.

Bob Sullo's picture
Bob Sullo
author, educational consultant

Hi, David....We had a very interesting chat last night. We're having follow-up discussion that you can see by going to: http://edge.ascd.org/view/displayClubPage.kickAction?clubId=110667&as=12...
I have not yet read "Drive" but am somewhat familiar with Dan Pink. He has made a great contribution to the area of internal control psychology. Hope you'll be part of our ongoing conversation about helping to engage and inspire kids.

Zafar's picture

Dear Bob, I was a teacher educator in India and I think you have hit the nail on the head with your book. We are working on developing an online course and I would like to join your chat on May 20 for Teaching Deeply. Thanks!

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