Poll: What aspects of SEL would most interest you in a webinar? | Edutopia
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Poll: What aspects of SEL would most interest you in a webinar?

Poll: What aspects of SEL would most interest you in a webinar?

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Hi! And welcome to all SEL advocates. I'm excited to finally have a group here for SEL and know Kati will be an excellent steward for the group. Our first webinar of 2010 will be about SEL - we're in the planning stages for it now. Obviously SEL is a huge topic, and we'd love to produce a meaningful webinar. So we'd love your suggestions. What would you like to learn? Are you interested in big picture/theory/history? Or more practical tips for integrating it in the classroom? Age-specific? Please let us your thoughts in this thread and we'll see what we can do to produce a webinar that is as meaningful and useful as possible. Thank you!
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Erika Saunders's picture
Erika Saunders
6th-8th Special Ed, LS & Mentally Gifted teacher

I'd really like to know how to get a whole school on board. I no longer have my own classroom - I co-teach with other classroom teachers - so I can't set the "culture" I used to have when it was just me and my students. I'd really love strategies, ideas, etc. on how to get others to share your philosophy especially those who are less than enthusiastic.



Elana Leoni's picture
Elana Leoni
Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer

Thanks for posting this Betty. As part of the team that conducts Edutopia's webinar, we'd also love to know what grade level you teach. We know that teaching SEL best practices tend to be most effective when they are targeted to an appropriate ages (i.e. what works in kindergarten may not work well in 3rd grade). I'd like to know what grades everyone teaches, so we could tailor the webinar to those that attend.

Our first thought was to gear it towards elementary/middle school, since we did our last webinar on a high school. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

Maurice Elias's picture
Maurice Elias
Prof. of Psychology, Director, Rutgers Social-Emotional Learning Lab, Director, the Collaborative Center for Community-Based Research and Service

I am very pleased to be joining this discussion. I have been involved in SEL program development, implementation, evaluation, and school-wide integration for several decades. My blog for Edutopia covers the wider topic of Social-Emotional and Character Development and over the past months, we have addressed many logistical issues related to SEL, including the buy-in/getting people on board issue. So please check out the posts and comments! Also, the idea of an SEL webinar is terrific and will be a great boost for the field, so please respond with your ideas and encourage your colleagues interested in whole child education to do the same!

Best wishes for the New Year,

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