Poll: What aspects of SEL would most interest you in a webinar?

Betty Ray Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Hi! And welcome to all SEL advocates. I'm excited to finally have a group here for SEL and know Kati will be an excellent steward for the group.

Our first webinar of 2010 will be about SEL - we're in the planning stages for it now. Obviously SEL is a huge topic, and we'd love to produce a meaningful webinar. So we'd love your suggestions. What would you like to learn? Are you interested in big picture/theory/history? Or more practical tips for integrating it in the classroom? Age-specific?

Please let us your thoughts in this thread and we'll see what we can do to produce a webinar that is as meaningful and useful as possible.

Thank you!

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Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Great points, Heather. Thanks

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Great points, Heather. Thanks for the note.

I'm very interested in

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I'm very interested in integrating technology into social emotional learning/teaching. I've discovered some fun ways to animate and game, character education for students. Since our audience members are digital learners, I want to reach them at their level. Are there any other affective personnel in schools utilizing this medium?

Neurocognitive development and SEL

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I'd like the webinar to talk a bit about the kinds of neurocognitive development that we know SEL supports: higher-level thinking in terms of Bloom's taxonomy, creativity, lateral thinking. For some folks who resist SEL as "fluff," it really is helpful to understand the ways in which emotional regulation, stress reduction and productive conflict resolution, mindfulness support students in thinking in more powerful, complex ways.

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