The missing piece in education today: 8 to Great, The Powerful Process for Positive Change

Lindsay Buck High School Special Ed. and Personal Development, Central City, Nebraska

I was hired as a Special Education teacher at Central City High School in Central City, Nebraska in 2007. Three years ago, I was introduced to MK Mueller, the author and creator of 8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change ( She spoke at a teacher inservice at my school and after watching her presentation, I KNEW I absolutely HAD to be a part of her program. I spoke to my principal and let him know I was VERY interested in being a part of teaching this curriculum at our school. The very next year, I had been trained by MK Mueller herself, and our school was ready to offer 8 to Great as a Personal Development and Advanced Personal Development class. I have NEVER seen such dramatic results in students. This is my second year teaching the Advanced class and we had to offer TWO class periods because word had spread about how wonderful this class is. I often hear students say its their favorite class. Why? Because it addresses the social-emotional learning piece that students NEED and CRAVE!!!

I have been pursuing my Masters in Alternative Education and will graduate in May 2012. I have done lots of research on various programs that claim to help students. 8 to Great is the process that I see the BIGGEST and BEST results with. 8 to Great is wonderful and beneficial for ALL students, but the huge transformations are within the at-risk youth I work with. They CLING to this process. It's the "thing" they've been waiting to hear all their young lives! I am SO passionate about 8 to Great because I've not only had results in my own life since learning the process and teaching the curriculum, but I've also been able to witness first-hand the dramatic and overwhelmingly positive results. 8 to Great IS the missing piece in education today.

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