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Resources for STEM with Spanish speaking students

Rita Oates, PhD Global PBL, student engagement in STEM, language practice

Spanish-speakers who are still in English as a Second Language classes often receive instruction in science in Spanish. What are some powerful technology-based resources in Spanish you can use with this student population?
1. NASA en español: Much of the content created by Hispanic engineers working for NASA

2. BrainPOP en español:
Some of the movies on each topic are available for free. For example: Desastres Naturales and Terremotes are a few of the science topics that can be viewed without a subscription.

3. ONE DROP: a water project from the founder of Cirque du Soleil:
(also available in French and English)

4. STEM stories in Spanish from BBC: Some have movies or multimedia with the stories. Sections on Technology and Science have several stories each day.
Here's a story about vaccine for flu:

5. Science-oriented projects to do with students in Spanish-speaking classrooms, in the US or abroad, include:
a. Climate Change:
b. Habitats:
c. Natural Disasters:

What are other technology resources in Spanish for STEM topics?

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