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The CyberLearning Conference - Uniting, People Technology and Powerful Ideas for Learnng in a Webcast

Bonnie Bracey Sutton Teacher Agent of Change, Power of US Foundation

NSF, SRI and the National Geographic , How powerful was that!!

There was a reference to a cyber conference from the National Geographic on the web.. I jumped at the chance to try to be there... . If you have ever had professional development from the National Geographic you would jump at the chance....the resources for teachers are so many. Their training is outstanding and it is inclusive learning. So with NSF and SRI and National Geographic I knew the offerings would be outstanding. You can still participate in the portal to help build knowledge.

We have in this group shared a lot of things, but the powerful technology examples shown at the Cyberlearning Conference are beyond our discussions.
They invite you to be a part of the discussion in this way.

We invite you to help write pages for the cyberlearning topic areas listed below. Our aim is to develop definitions that are strong enough to show the direction of the field but open enough to allow for innovation (see Defining Cyberlearning, below). If you have expertise in any of these areas and would like to be involved in editing these pages, please email to request a wiki account.


AI applications in education
Augmented Reality
Computational Thinking
Data Acquisition and Sensors
Deeply Digital Texts
Distributed Sensing
Educational Data Mining
Full-body and Intelligent Interfaces
Games and Virtual Worlds
Large-scale Interactive Media
Mobile Learning
Peer Production
Programmable Learning Environments
Smart Representations
Social Media
Tangible Interfaces
Technology Enabled Formative Assessment
Virtual Communities for Learning
Cyber Workforce Development Task Force Report
The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) project is also defining key TEL topics

Here is my write up of the conference.

The resources will be shared. There is a portal that we can use to help unite the researchers and scholars with those of us who teach.

What a powerful example of transformational learning . Here's to the creators of the conference. You should join the thought parade. Thanks to all who created an inspirational day. Hopefully some of these ideas will be made a part of the national conversation on the use of technology.

Bonnie Bracey Sutton

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