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Nathan Smith

Hi! I just joined this group today. Wanted to introduce myself.

I am Nathan Smith. A former elementary school teacher, I now am Director of Technology for the College of Education & Human Services at Utah State University. Within that role, I also am Director of the Adele & Dale Young Education Technology Center, and the NASA Educator Resource Center for Utah.

Utah State University is now in the process of creating a STEM Center, and is currently seeking a Director - Science, Technology, Engineering, Education and Mathematics (STE2M) Center.

Anyway, I serve as a resource person for our college, as well as for K-12 education as a Board of Directors member for the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology. I'm pleased to join in your group, and invite you to have a look at the resources I share with educators...

Nathan Smith

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Author; grant writer; distance learning consultant

STEM Career Awareness book

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My name is Camille Cole. I've been involved in educational technology initiatives for nearly 30 years. Recently I published a book through ISTE titled: Connecting Students to STEM Careers, Social Networking Strategies. To find out more about the book, where to find the book, and more related resources, please visit my blog site:
...I am available to answer questions and to provide additional information.

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