STEM education provides many opportunities and challenges. How can our practice evolve to meet the needs of 21st-century learners?

OER and online resources for teaching Science and Math

Claudia LAmoreaux Future of Learning Strategist

Is anyone using HippoCampus to teach STEM for High School students? The new HippoCampus is here with Environmental Science and Physics courses that include blogs with monthly laboratory activities - hands on and online. The Physics blog just posted an experiment with pulleys:

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I encourage my AP Biology students to use hippocampus

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Sometimes they use a topical presentation to review their basic concepts.

5th grade math and science teacher

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What types of lessons could I do to show 5th grade students how math and science relate?

currently teaching Secondary Science in Shanghai's expat community

thanks for the hippocampus

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thanks for the hippocampus link!

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