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Do you think STEM teachers should be compensated more than other teachers?

Do you think STEM teachers should be compensated more than other teachers?

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I had a confrontation with a congressman. He said that the fact that we don't have enough teachers in STEM education is because the unions will not let school boards pay extra monies to the teachers teaching STEM. My retort was that STEM education is a set of skills, but that the interest, and skills are those that have to be built along the way, not wait for the eleventh grade to siphon out the student eligible for STEM initiatives. I start at fourth grade teaching meaningful science and math and involving kids with critical thinking skills, problem solving, hard work in project based learning, and work that is partnership with some agencies that KNOW the content as of the moment, and not just textbooks. NASA, NOAA, Dept of Energy and so on. Congressmen, from my time working with Clinton have aides who are really the specialists of the areas of interests of the congressman. The congressman often listens to them. I have done CoSN walks and can confirm this from other projects too. NSTA .. etc. I am an experienced STEM teacher. I worked with NSTA, with NEA, with ISTE and with NCTM and National Geographic as well as a teacher sharing resources. However, you can change my mind. Let me hear your thoughts. Bonnie

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