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Please take a moment to introduce your self to the rest of the group. Please also include a "discussion starter" -- let us know what you hope to get out of your participation in this group! Thanks! Eric P.S. If you network on Twitter or Facebook, let us know how to connect with you! (I am @Brunsell)

This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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Tommy Colburn's picture

I teach integrated science curriculum at Fort Benning GA. I am looking forward to sharing ideas that will engage and test our student. At every opportunity I infuse math and technology into my instruction and I am always looking for new and better ideas. Thank God for spell check..

Will Nowall's picture

I am currently an 8th grade physical science teacher in VA. I have worked in industry and at the university level. I wanted to teach younger students and be able to instill the passion for science in them.

I hope to get new ideas on how I can incorporate technology into the daily lesson plans.

Bill Marsh's picture

I'll be three score and ten next week and, with an even older math teacher, will start an effort in January in Clallam County, WA, to improve preschool math and use interesting K-3 math for early dropout prevention. I like STE, and our use of Block Fest for parent education might count as early STE, but I do M. For the last twenty years I have worked on ways to teach kids real numbers before they have to face the horrors of fractions.

Shannon Cde Baca's picture

Hello All. I have been teaching for 30 + years...mostly chemistry and earth science as well. I "retired" from face to face to teach online in Iowa to rural districts who cannot find a certified chem. teacher about 4 years ago. We teach a belnded course that is online, face to face 2 x a semester for a full 8 hour session of wet labs and daily conntact with SKYPE or Adobe Connect Pro. I am interested in the technology integration as well but even more so in ways to connect teachers who are struggling with content and their students with exceptional teachers who could teach kids while helping the teacher learn content and pedagogy. I want to make sure we get this online support stuff right and make it as strong as it can be...So, I am here to listen, learn and add my two cents.

Karen Blumhagen's picture

Hello, I am a middle school and high school science teacher from Alberta. I teacher general science, chemistry and biology in a very small rural K-12 school. We have 110 students in grades 7 -12. I am looking for ways to engage my students in more global projects and communicate with experts and peers worldwide about science topics and issues.

Mary Moran's picture
Mary Moran
6th grade teacher; STEM Magnet school in Maple Grove, Minnesota

I am a grade 6 teacher at Weaver Lake Elementary School in Maple Grove, Minnesota. We are a STEM magnet school, and I teach all subjects (but not all equally well, I'm afraid!) I'm interested in collaboration and 21st century learning, and look forward to hearing from others!

Catharine Reznicek's picture
Catharine Reznicek
Eudcational Technology Specialist VCOE

Hi -- I am currently working as the Educational Technology Specialist for the Ventura County Office of Education. I work with a variety of programs that integrate STEM into the curriculum. One current project that is great is Channel Islands Live! Check out: Much of the classroom stuff we do is supported by a Bay Watershed, Education and Training (BWET) grant from NOAA.

I also support some work integrating GIS into curricular areas and would be interested in learning more how GIS and data can be used to support student learning.

I have had experience teaching middle and HS science, working with adults with disabilities as well as creating and teaching online courses.

Tod Aeby's picture
Tod Aeby
Faculty, John A. Burns School of Medicine

Hi, I may be in the wrong place, but my passion is developing and nurturing intellectually curious, life-long learners. It's hard when students show up with science and math aversion that stems from their early education experiences. What could be more exciting than learning about how the world around us works? All kids have that curiosity but the current system seems to beat it out of them. I'm here hoping I can help make a difference and learn a lot about science education techniques, along the way.

Dave Young's picture
Dave Young
eLearning educator and instructional designer

I taught middle level math and technology in the Greeley, CO school district for 24 years. After a two-year stint as an information architect for a large Web design company, I was a senior instructor for the University of Colorado Denver's Information and Learning Technologies program for eight years. Most currently, I am an online Web design instructor for Kaplan University's School of Information Systems and Technology.

I am also working in an instructional design capacity with a group that has submitted an NSF ITEST proposal. See We hope this proposal will be approved soon.

Melanie West's picture

I'm excited about this group. My main goal is to get students excited about STEM by helping them to see their personal relationship to it...through culture, art, and real world applications. I hope to learn from you all!

thank you!

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