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Please take a moment to introduce your self to the rest of the group. Please also include a "discussion starter" -- let us know what you hope to get out of your participation in this group! Thanks! Eric P.S. If you network on Twitter or Facebook, let us know how to connect with you! (I am @Brunsell)

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Lisa Ullom's picture
Lisa Ullom
6th, 7th and 8th grade industrial technology teacher in Aurora, IL

After teaching 6-8th grade science for the last several years, I am now teaching industrial technology which includes a significant amount of STEM based projects. I am looking forward to networking and sharing ideas and lessons.

akteachertobe's picture
student teacher in Alaska

Thanks Eric,

I'm currently in a one year intensive Master program and student teaching at the High School level. Today was actually my first day in taking over the Physical Science class under my highly capable Mentor teacher.
Joining this group was actually required by my Ed Tech course but I'm looking forward to learning from the multiple discussions here.
I'm currently struggling with my Oceanography students. They are Juniors and Seniors that are really difficult to get motivated.

Bill76's picture

I began teaching many years ago in elementary school. I moved into ICT in high school in the mid 90s. The last ten years I've taught elementary again specializing in maths and some technology in middle school. Here there is very little information on STEM education, so I'm hoping to learn something here.

Roslyn Miller's picture
Roslyn Miller
Reseach Associate and doctoral student at Mississippi State University

I taught high school mathematics in Bakersfield, CA and am currently a PhD student at Mississippi State University in mathematics education. As a graduate assistant I teach Practicum in Sec Ed and supervise teacher interns. I want to help all stakeholders in ed understand the importance of teaching for LEARNING as opposed to TESTING and the importance of reaching ALL students with the meaning and relevance of STEM education for their lives now and their futures.

vishwanath's picture

I am a medical doctor by profession but a science educator by passion. I have established a Mobile Science & Skills Laboratory at Hyderabad India that goes to Public and private schools. The activities combine vocational training in four areas namely Engineering & Fabrication, Home & Health, Energy & Environment and Agriculture. All the curricular aspects in science & Mathematics are integrated with the vocational skills and it has been a wonderful experience how quickly and in a joyous manner the school students learn these subjects. We als have a Mobile Science Lab for schools that conducts Science Demonstrations and Hands On science Activities

adaptivelearnin - 90865's picture

Hi- My name is Beth Crumpler. I am developing an ESL (English as a Second Language) STEM focused e-learning course for CTY (Center for Talented Youth) Johns Hopkins University. It is geared at gifted non-native English speakers all over the world who are accepted into the CTY program. I am networking to try to find ideas and resources that I can use in this course. If you have any ideas, content, resources, etc. please let me know. Once I am finished with program development, I will be teaching this course too. I am trying to incorporate a lot of interactive internet-based resources. If you know of any STEM ones, please send them my way. Thank you. I'm excited to connect with all of you.

Raj Raturi's picture
Raj Raturi
High School and Science instructor in Tampa

Thanks for the invite and great content from this group!

Meg King-Abraham's picture
Meg King-Abraham
K-6 Technology Specialist

I just joined. I teach K-6 technology. Hoping to learn/share Web 2.0/other digital tools, ideas. I am @megcurl teach and find great professional learning opportunities on Twitter and would love to share.

3dtoad's picture
3DTOAD.com is a free educational image database

My name is Zak Ward and I am the creator of www.3dtoad.com. And I has been busy expanding its online collection of 360/ 3-D educational images of items that are found in classrooms such as dissections, skeletons and much more.

This website is free for everyone and we would love to get the word out. This seems like some kind of advertisement, I know! But we are looking to hear from tech-teachers about what we can add to the website to benefit students!

Thank you for your time,
Zak Ward (3DTOAD)

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