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STEM Resources

STEM Resources

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This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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Bill Kuhl's picture

In watching the profile videos on Edutopia I just have to wonder if they do not spend too much on computers and not enough time physically creating something.

Terilyn's picture

As a Science Specialist for k-5th graders,I am always looking for new strategies that will engage all of my students. It seems like this is a community of interesting professionals and I look forward to communicating and sharing with this group.

Keen2learn's picture
Managing Director of educational games and teaching resources supplier

Biggest breakthrough seen in the UK was the appearance of working models in renewable energy. Fuel cell modelFuel cells have great STEM cross curricular application and are fun for children to work with whist getting to grips with savings the planet!

Eric Brunsell's picture
Eric Brunsell
Asst Professor of Science Education @ UW-Oshkosh

I agree completely. I strongly believe that our secondary science courses should have a strong focus on science applications -- engineering, technology, medicine, environmental, etc.


[quote]As a High School Engineering & Technology instructor, I am somewhat disappointed in the way most educators look at STEM. Everyone talks about the Science & Math, both of which are crucial, but the Engineering & Technology sector gets left out in the cold. When you talk to most educators, esp. administrators, they look at Technology as whiteboards, computers, etc. Technology is simply anything Man has created to make his life better & easier.Even a cheap pair of reading glasses is a form of Technology.Engineering is the creative spark that allows humans to change their surroundings to better suit them.Let's not forget that without the T&E, there would be no STEM.[/quote]

Richard H. Audet's picture
Richard H. Audet
STEM Education Consultant

Hello Everyone:

I'm a newcomer to this group. We've developed a free website called, which while based on the Tennessee Standards, has an extensive array of materials for anyone interested in STEM Education. I'd love to have your feedback as we move forward with development.

Sally Pardue's picture
Sally Pardue
Director of Oakley STEM Center, Assoc Professor of Mech Engr, Tenn Tech

Check out these wonderful videos (~ 5 min) about motion and more
The Science of Winter Olympics

Teach Engineering has searchable lesson and activities, with links to standards

NASA - need I say more? A bonanza :) try the "Find Materials" link and see your options be refined as you add more descriptors

Ella Rogers's picture

My students are totally engaged when I include online math games within a lesson or as homework. The repetition and association that games=fun really helps them capture the subjects. My class really enjoys, a new site with Algebra, Geometry, Quizzes, etc.

Has anyone else had success with online math games? Edutopia

Jane Weakley's picture
Jane Weakley
Computer Lab Teacher/Technology Integration Coach

Our elementary school is transforming from a Magnet School of Math, Science, and Technology to a STEM school. I am very excited about the changes that are about to occur and am looking for resources.

Elana Leoni's picture
Elana Leoni
Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer


A friend on Twitter recommended this resource to me for anyone: The Khan Academy on YouTube. It offers free lessons on pretty much anything Science and Math related (Although there's more math resources available).

The founder was also recently interviewed on CCN here.

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