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STEM Resources

STEM Resources

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Bonnie Bracey Sutton's picture
Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Teacher Agent of Change, Power of US Foundation

Business and Industry STEM Education Coalition
America 2020 , WIll You be Ready
Established March 1, 2010

This is a followup on the Convocation on the Gathering Storm.

Has had its first launch. Web site coming. We met on March 12 at the National Academy of Sciences , with Norm Augustine, Rep. Bart Gordon, and Rep Vern Ehlers were our keynotes as well as children who are engaged in stem initiatives.

We are thinking of ways to , create awareness of STEM education and with four goals in mind. As a coailtion of industries the purpose is to align their efforts to develop our future workforce in order to build our nation;s economic competitiveness, sustain national security, and develop future jobs and employment specialties that engage a dynamic STEM workforce.

We are foundations, industry and business associations, and a few teachers , foundations.

We want to bring proven project based , hands-on STEM experiential student learning activities to a national scale and ensure that they are sustained and aligned with national goals for STEM Education.

We seek to recruit, train and retain effective teachers.

Employer want to identify early and nurture students with aptitudes for STEM and then attract students to and retain them in STEM Career Trakcs, particularly students who are underrepresented in the STEM workforce.

Coalition membership is open to business and industry organizations that represent employees within STEM related fields. Coalition partners and advisory members are professional associations, government entities and STEM Stakeholders. You may be interested in having businesses in your area join the coalition.

For more information about the coalition, contact Daphe Dador at

Dr. Genola Johnson's picture
Dr. Genola Johnson
Executive Director of G.A. Educational Learning Center, LLC Consultant

The American Society for Engineering Educatin's Engineering K12 Center website is very, very informative for STEM careers.

Linda Keane AIA's picture
Linda Keane AIA Director, Prof Arch/EnvDes, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Hello, We add environmental issues and creativity via, an educational non profit that assists teachers in using technology in their classroom with place based activities across nine scales- nano, pattern, object, space, architecture, neighborhood, urban region and the world. offers 130 multi part journeys linked to over 1300 institutions, museums and contemporary practices. Check us out and see how your students respond.

Bonnie Bracey Sutton's picture
Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Teacher Agent of Change, Power of US Foundation

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

This report addresses the need to provide all children with an education that includes a solid foundation of rigorous science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) instruction. The need is evident, yet the barriers are vast - recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers with STEM backgrounds; school policies around credits and curriculum; student, teacher, and parent attitudes; time constraints; and lack of funding and/or leadership to infuse STEM approaches into the current system.

STEM Powerpoint Presentation

STEM White Paper

STEM Resources Document
STEM Press Release

THE Journal September 2008 - STEM Report Calls for Refocus in Education - SETDA's STEM Education: "Achievement and Innovation" report (part of SETDA's ongoing Class of 2020: Action Plan for Education series) is featured in this article.

Additional Resources
Texas High School Project T-STEM Project
High Tech High Student Presentations Education Forum 2008

Bonnie Bracey Sutton's picture
Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Teacher Agent of Change, Power of US Foundation



Build your own interactive simulation and publish it as Java applet on the web. AgentSheets is an agent-based simulation-authoring tool.

Bonnie Bracey Sutton's picture
Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Teacher Agent of Change, Power of US Foundation

Scalable Game Design

Our main goal is to bring computer science to middle schools with the ultimate aim of developing a larger IT workforce to address the IT crisis. scalablegamedesign/ index.html

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