STEM education provides many opportunities and challenges. How can our practice evolve to meet the needs of 21st-century learners?

Opportunities in STEM

Bonnie Bracey Sutton Teacher Agent of Change, Power of US Foundation


Train the Trainer Workshop on Earth System Science Projects: November 3-9, 2011

Northwestern University is offering a workshop to introduce teacher trainers to the GLOBE Carbon Cycle and Watershed Dynamics resources. Gain experience with classroom carbon cycle and hydrology research techniques that incorporate systems thinking, fieldwork, student research, modeling and data analysis. Learn more and register here...

POGIL Teaching Workshop 9/24/11

You are invited to attend a one-day POGIL teaching and active learning workshop at Northwestern University.
This one-day workshop provides an introduction to POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) and explores the benefits of this approach to active learning in the classroom.
Participants will experience a POGIL-based learning environment, analyze activities to understand how guided-inquiry is structured in a POGIL classroom, and consider classroom facilitation and other issues related to the implementation of POGIL. Learn more and apply here...
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