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The British "National STEM Centre" E-Library

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Dear Colleagues,

Sometimes we forget that we have hard-working (English-speaking :-) colleagues "across the Pond" and they have a "National STEM Centre" also...

It is free to join and their vast E-Library resources are world-class...

Here is a recent post at my HS STEM wikispace, to offer just one example:

BioMedical Engineering -- Geometry Research about Viruses
"Fighting Infections with Symmetry", Research by Professor Reidun Twarock at the University of York, England.

"Modelling the structure of viruses could have enormous ramifications for drug design and the development of new treatments."

This brief yet profound scientific research update article from the British National STEM Centre is quite amazing for its clarity and simplicity.

Starting from the basic icosahedron geometry, the scientist explains the exciting research and developments in combating human viruses and diseases.

The article includes graphics, simple principles of symmetry, a simple summary of virus pathology and replication, and strategies in medical prevention and treatments. Reference articles are listed for further study.

The British "National STEM Centre" is a wonderful and complementary E-Library Resource to STEM lessons and projects; definitely check out their website and it is free to join.

Allen July 27, 2011

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