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Anna-Marie Robertson Online high school math teacher, Richard McKenna Charter School in Idaho

Hello, my name is Anna-Marie and I am currently a Master’s student in the Educational Technology program at Boise State University. As part of this degree, I am conducting an evaluation that gathers data about online graphing resources from practicing High School Algebra teachers. In part one of this evaluation, I sent out a survey asking for URLs of graphing websites and tools that are currently being used in the Algebra coursework and I asked that teachers share with me the characteristics of those tools that were important and were the reason they used that particular tool. The response was great! Now I’m ready to deploy part two of this evaluation. I have taken this information and put it into a new survey and would like your input as to what is most important when choosing a graphing website or tool to use in the classroom and which one to choose.

Attached is a short survey that asks you to rate reasons for using a specific online graphing tool or website. It also asks you to rate several of the graphing tools and websites gathered in Step One of this project. My goal is to receive 100+ surveys back for this evaluation. At the end of the survey, you can enter your email address to receive the Final Evaluation Report. This report will contain all of the information from both parts of this evaluation as well as a link to a data base of all of the online graphing resources that are gathered for this project.

Please take the time to participate in this survey. It only takes a few minutes. Thank you for your support with this Masters degree project!

Online Graphing Tools Evaluation Part 2

Anna-Marie Robertson
Educational Technology Graduate Student
Boise State University

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