STEM education provides many opportunities and challenges. How can our practice evolve to meet the needs of 21st-century learners?

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Mr. Stapleton 6th Grade Teacher and Tech Integration Specialist, Seoul, Korea

Do you need new ideas for integration of technology in your classroom? I have created a blog giving ideas of how I have integrated technology in my classroom - and the tools that I have used.

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Bob Barboza, Founder of Super School University

Our students and teachers are

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Our students and teachers are practicing our STEM skills by working on the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project. We are using the island of Santa Luzia in the country of Cabo Verde. This island is uninhabited. It is one of the ten Cabo Verde Islands located off the West Coast of Africa. Our job is to create a virtual model of the island. We are using a 3D printer and some neat science hardware and software tools to create the worlds most perfect island. We need more teachers and students to help. This is a free distance learning project. We need creative ideas. You can track our progress at

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