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MIT's Scratch for Educators (K-12 Animation Tools)

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Dear Colleagues,

Scratch for Educators is a very cool fun Program c/o the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) that has created a 'Lego-Style' Building Blocks = Drag and Drop/Connect Programming Tools Pictorial Screen User Interface, very easily learned and used by students and teachers
(K - 12) for creating unlimited video animations as stories, games, arts & sciences, etc.

I reported about them several months ago last year, explaining that they were new and exciting, but needed to get more organized and effective in communicating with educators... that time has come now...

I highly recommend their website for educators, which now has lots of "Show & Tell" brief videos produced by teachers and students, online tutorials, ongoing webinars, newsletter updates, resources, discussion forums, and very importantly: a new simple way now to copy and print the "structured building-blocks programs' graphics" for ready-made references and examples for you and your students to reproduce the fantastic videos exactly as you see them online at their website...

This makes teaching and learning the Programming Tools a piece of cake AND assures that you and your students will experience "Successful Magic" rather than "techno-newbie failures and frustrations" that I experienced last year...

Like I said, "Scratch-Ed" needed to get their act together, and now they have...

Much more Teacher-Friendly and User-Successful!!

AND this is Totally FUN for Getting GIRLS (and Boys) involved in STEM
Information Technology Project-Based Learning = Producing their own Video Animations...from the earliest grades possible!! and I mean
Kindergarten!! onward... and High School Girls and Boys will love this too... it is an awesome Fun Program...


Allen Berg

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